lamp shades ate a lamb, and fire shades got fired up.

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lamp shades ate a lamb, and fire shades got fired up.

Post by circle shades » Thu May 19, 2016 7:23 pm

well, those things happened, you know!

many years ago, back when king robolius III was king of ''the olde shadeslands'', Sir lamp shades ate a lamb, and he ate so much, that his stomach hurt him for 3 weeks straight! :o

also,7 years after the shades/trolls war of 1577, some guys were fighting over the ownership of a SINGLE potato, and fire shades got fired up, thus running around in an angry manner, and he accidentally burned 348 goats, 28 houses and 7364 trees.
the king of the kand at the time, king buccolicous the II, decided to punish fire shades for the massive damage that he caused.

the punishment?

he ''fired'' fire shades!
hahahahaha! :)
get it?

but still, as fire was discharged from the king's service, fire meets iceblock-shades, and ice asks him: fire, why are you so sad?
and fire said: man, im fired, thats why im sad.
and ice is saying: dont worry man, be cool!


yeah, well thats it.

you wanted a funny story with shades gang and puns, and i created one.

thats it.

let me know what you are thinking in the posts below.


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