UPDATE! new (SG) discord + SG FB pages! (plz read)

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circle shades
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UPDATE! new (SG) discord + SG FB pages! (plz read)

Post by circle shades » Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:07 pm


its me, circle, and i have great news for you:

we now have a SG server on discord! +a [SG] page on FB.

OK, so
we have a [SG] discord server, so that we can stay updated, in touch, and fresh with all the SG news that we want to discuss!

the SG is getting expanded, updated, and we will soon start a new wave of art, movies, and of discussions, so no worries if you dont animate, your friendly conversation will be equally accepted as well! (but if you can, do some flash movies, my brother!)

in short:

our SG discord link/invite:

our FB (SG) page: (JOIN US!)

(post+join both groups/links, and post your thoughts about this on the replies below...)

come on fellas, lets get active and relevant again, or at the very least, lets stay in touch+chat together....

its going to be fun!


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