remember our old invisionfree SG forums of 2007?

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remember our old invisionfree SG forums of 2007?

Post by circle shades » Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:49 am

well, our old invisionfree SG forums of 2007-2009 got screwed up by the new tapatalk forums take-over, they got transferred into new servers, and most of the files from our old forums are now (sadly) gone.

i've made some requests to restore our old SG forums based on old fragments that we've had from the wayback machine, but they couldnt help me, so...

so... i've rebuilded our old SG forums in the new tapatalk platform.

also, our old forums are archived as: ... /index.php
(there are more site captures+old fragments of our old forums in there, perhaps someone can reconstruct it from those parts?)

anyways, lets discuss the demise of our 2007-2009 old forums, and how we feel about it.
plus, let me know if my revived+remastered version works or not...

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